Liberty High School NJROTC

A 2018-2019 Distinguished Unit


Who We Are

Since our Unit's Commissioning in 2002, the Instructors and Cadets of the Patriot Company have strived to live up to the Navy's motto of "Honor, Courage, and Commitment." We also believe that one's self discipline is more important than one's self esteem because with improved self discipline comes improved self esteem!

Located in Renton, Washington in the Great Northwest and just southeast of Seattle, the Liberty High School Navy JROTC Unit enjoys a close proximity to the Puget Sound, Lake Washington, and the Cascade Mountains. This area is rich in nautical history and heritage. We are proud of our extremely supportive school and community, and strive to stay active in school and community service projects to keep our area one of the jewels of the Northwest.

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Patriot Company Selected as a 2018-19 Distinguished Unit!

On Thursday, 23 May 2019, Patriot Company held their annual awards ceremony. At this event numerous outside organizations are on hand to recognize the hard work of the cadets over the past school year and present Patriot Company's top performing cadets with certificates and medals for their outstanding performance throughout the year. At this year's event we were also pleased to announce that Patriot Company was selected by Admiral Sands, Commander, Naval Service Training Command, as a Distinguished Unit Award winner. The award citation reads:

The Commander Naval Service Training Command takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Unit Award to Liberty High School for outstanding performance during the 2018-2019 school year. In recognition of the exceptional professional ability, initiative and dedication demonstrated by its Naval Science Instructors; the outstanding support provided by the school administration; the excellent atmosphere prevalent throughout the school in support of the Navy Junior ROTC Program; the exemplary appearance, military bearing, and courtesies exhibited by its cadets; the active participation of the unit in support of school, community and other extracurricular activities and services; and the superb discipline demonstrated by the cadets during drill meets and other public appearances, the Liberty High School Junior ROTC unit has been selected as a Distinguished Unit.

T. N. Daseler

NJROTC Program Director

Selection as a Distinguished Unit is truly indicative of the dedication and hard work of the cadets involved!

Cadet Lieutenant Commander Alex Pham (left) and Cadet Lieutenant Kerrek Matson (right) hold the Distinguished Unit streamer awarded to Patriot Company for their performance during the 2018-19 school year, while Captain Deehr (far left) and Chief Spears look on.

Cadet Second Class Petty Officer Matthew Martin was selected as the 2018-19 NS1 Distinguished Cadet.

Cadet Chief Petty Officer Faith Ellis was selected at the 2018-19 NS2 Distinguished Cadet.

Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Olivia Van Ry was selected as the 2018-19 NS3 Distinguished Cadet.

Patriot Company Qualifies for SeaPerch Nationals!

On Saturday, 27 April 2019, Patriot Company's Sea Perch Team competed in the Kitsap Regional Underwater ROV competition. After providing a technical presentation & notebook to the judges and competing in two in-water maneuverability exercises, Patriot Company finished first in both categories and brought home the regional championship which qualified them to compete at the Sea Perch Nationals at the University of Maryland on 01-02 June.

Captain Deehr (far left) poses with Patriot Company's SeaPerch Team after they won the Kitsap Regional Underwater ROV Competition on Saturday. Team members include from left to right: Cadets Timothy Caole, Faith Ellis, Dominic Ogino, Evan Rosenfelt, Kaitlin Lew, Mathea Caole, Sofia VanHuss, and Carson Tucker.

Cadet Even Rosenfelt briefs the judges on the process Patriot Company used to build their ROV.

Patriot Company tests their ROV's buoyancy prior to the competetion.

Cadet Carson Tucker maneuvers Patriot Company's ROV through the obstacle course as the judges look on.

Cadet Faith Ellis prepares to put the ROV in the water.

From left to right: Cadets Sofia VanHuss, Faith Ellis, Carson Tucker, Dominic Ogino, and Tim Caole hold the winning ROV!

Patriot Company Participates in the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference Championships!

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Patriot Company completed their drill season by participating in the Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference Championships at Oregon City High School in Oregon City, Oregon. The Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference is made up of 32 JROTC high schools from throughout the Puget Sound area. The Regional Championships pits the best teams from the conference against one another in order to determine the very best teams and the best overall school in the conference. Patriot Company qualified the following teams:

Color Guard Team 1 (Olivia Van Ry, Kerrek Matson, Daniel Tsang, Colby Van Ry)

Color Guard Team 2 (Faith Ellis, Mathea Caole, Chandler Alexander, Carson Tucker)

Physical Fitness Team (Justin Le, Taylor Nicole Le, Emily Lew, Kaitlin Lew, Daniel Tsang)

Academics Team (Lenna Weiss, Evan Rosenflet, Jacob Hill, Carson Tucker, Khanh Dao)

Precision Air Rifle (Faith Ellis, Chandler Alexander, Olivia Van Ry, Christopher Lew, Mathea Caole)

While Patriot Company did not fair as well overall as they had hoped we did achieve the following noteworthy team results:

Physical Fitness finished 2nd

Precision Air Rifle finished 4th

Color Guard Team 2 finished 6th

Individual awards went to:

Mathea Caole (11th grade) for finishing 4th in Precision Air Rifle

Kaitlin Lew (9th grade) was crowned the Conference Iron Woman for being the female Cadet to score the most points on the physical fitness test.

Patriot Company finished 6th overall in the conference.

Cadet Seaman Kaitlin Lew (9) stands by to receive the Conference Iron Woman Award which is given to the female Cadet who scores the most points on the physical fitness test. Cadet Lew finished with 409 points outpacing her nearest competitor by 72 points!

From left to right: Cadets Olivia Van Ry (11), Christopher Lew (11), Chandler Alexander (12), and Mathea Caole (11) take aim during the precision air rifle competition. Mathea Caole led the team with a season high score of 572 out of a possible 600.

Cadets Chandler Alexander, Kerrek Matson, and Olivia Van Ry push Cadet Taylor-Nicole Le (10th grade) to finish strong during the mile run.

Cadets Daniel Tsang (10), Carson Tucker (10), and Christoper Lew (11) compete during the Individual Armed Drill Down.

Patriot Company Wins the Todd Beamer Drill Meet 2-23-19

NJROTC had a very successful drill meet on Saturday and 2018-19 drill season overall. In addition to winning numerous awards at their last regular season meet of the year, they also brought home several Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference Puget Sound Division awards.

We competed against the following local high school JROTC teams: Graham Kapowsin (Army JRTOC), Kentwood (Marine Corps JROTC), Federal Way (Air Force JROTC), Todd Beamer (Air Force JROTC), Auburn Mountain View (Army JROTC), Bremerton (Navy JROTC), and Spanaway Lake (Navy JROTC). As usual, it was a spirited competition with Liberty narrowly beating Kentwood High School 48-46 for the overall win!

Todd Beamer Drill Meet Team Awards:

Color Guard Team 2 - First Place Academics Team - First Place

Physical Fitness Team - First Place Precision Air Rifle - First Place

Color Guard Team 1 - Third Place Armed Drill Team - Third Place

Sporter Air Rifle Team - Third Place

Todd Beamer Drill Meet Individual Awards:

Khahn Dao - Academics - First Place

Carson Tucker - Academics - Second Place

Lenna Weiss - Academics - Third Place

Kaitlin Lew - Female Individual Physical Fitness - First Place

Emily Lew - Female Individual Physical Fitness - Second Place

Katelin Ovsak - Female Individual Physical Fitness - Third Place

Mathea Caole - Precision Air Rifle - First Place

Christopher Lew - Precision Air Rifle - Second Place

Chandler Alexander - Precision Air Rifle - Third Place

Daniel Tsang - Armed Drill Down - Second Place

Northwest Drill and Rifle Conference Puget Sound Division Awards for the 2018-19 drill season:

Color Guard Team 1: Puget Sound Division Third Place - Regional Drill Competition Qualifier

Color Guard Team 2: Puget Sound Division Champion - Regional Drill Competition Qualifier

Academics Team: Puget Sound Division Champion - Regional Drill Competition Qualifier

Physical Fitness Team: Puget Sound Division Champion - Regional Drill Competition Qualifier

Precision Air Rifle: Puget Sound Division Champion - Regional Drill Competition Qualifier TBD

Sporter Air Rifle: Puget Sound Division Third Place

Kaitlin Lew: Puget Sound Division Iron Woman Champion

Cadet Petty Officer First Class Christopher Lew WOWS the Crowd at the Liberty High School Snowcoming Assembly

Color Guard Presents for the Sounders

On Sunday, 28 October 2018, Liberty's NJROTC Color Guard Team, consisting of Cadet Petty Officer Second Class Olivia Van Ry (US Flag), Cadet Petty Officer First Class Lindsay Carvalho (Navy Flag), Cadet Petty Officer First Class Carson Tucker (Right Rifle) and Cadet Petty Officer First Class Faith Ellis (Left Rifle) presented the Colors before the Seattle Sounders FC final home game of the regular season at Century Link Field on Sunday. The Sounders won 2-1.