Comments & Testimonials

The Liberty High School NJROTC program is a citizenship and leadership development course and is the only one of its kind in the Issaquah School District! We are very proud of the program and the positive impact it can have on the participating students! Below are just a few of the comments we've received from parents, counselors, teachers, community members, etc.

"I am always pleased to participate in Liberty High’s JNROTC awards program. Seeing that group of young people with their wonderful combination of enthusiasm, team spirit, commitment and discipline always raises my spirits and gives me hope for the future of America. You, your staff and NJROTC cadets are to be commended for an important job well done. " Local Community Member

“I wanted to let you know how much both my husband and I enjoyed the presentation by Captain Deehr. We both learned that everything we thought we knew about high school JROTC was incorrect. My husband enjoyed the presentation by Captain Deehr so much that he asked him if he would be interested in speaking to his Bellevue Rotary Club." Bellevue Rotary Member

"Captain Deehr and Chief Spears are to be commended for being exemplary role models for all NJROTC cadets. They not only talk about excellence, they demonstrate it every day. They consistently go above and beyond to help the cadets in their self-improvement and leadership endeavors and have built a powerful and cohesive community of cadets, parents and staff. The district is lucky to have them!" Parent of a NJROTC Cadet.

"Congrats on your rave review guys, I couldn’t agree more with how amazing you are for the NJROTC program. Hope your year has gone great, it’s nice to see others recognize your awesome work with Liberty students." Former LHS Assistant Principal

"Congratulations on your Rave Review today! I am happy (someone) took time to recognize the hard work you do with your students every day. I have been so impressed by the manner in which all NJROTC students conduct themselves. Your leadership pays off now and I’m certain will have long-lasting positive results for each of these young men and women as they go forward in life. You dedication is admirable." LHS Administrator

"I really appreciate this information! I was born in and grew up in (another country), and we don't really have programs like NJROTC in our high schools, so all of this has been a learning process for me! I absolutely love having cadets in my classes, and I love how the program serves the school and the community... Please know that I'm a huge supporter of what you do!" A Liberty High School Teacher

"Please pencil me in for the March 7th incoming freshman night. I'd be happy to speak with parents who may be wondering what your true goals are. Keep up the good work! You still have the best program on campus and in the district!" Parent of a NJROTC Cadet

"I am writing concerning the military honors given (my husband) on June 30, 2018. The gun salute provided by your unit was a great honor due him... (Your unit) performs a great service for veterans and their families, and we are most grateful." An Issaquah Resident

"(We) LOVE what you and your kids do! Anything that gives kids a sense of purpose and helps them find themselves is a good investment in our opinions. Wishing you much success in this year’s activities!" Donar to the LHS NJROTC Program

"Thank you so much for all you and Chief do for the NJROTC program and students at Liberty. This program has already made a significant and positive impact for our son and for our family. He's open that he wishes all classes at Liberty had the same student expectations as ROTC.... He came back from this weekend proud and excited to tell us about his experience at BLT." Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

“NJROTC has already helped (our daughter). We are taking no part in her caring for her uniform yet she takes much better care of it than any other article of clothing she's ever had. Thank you again for your time and dedication.” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

“This may be beyond professional but I'll let it rip anyway! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I am SOOOOO HAPPY that my daughter is having this experience focused on self-discipline and earned esteem. Thank you!!!!” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

“Just wanted to say hello and thank you for the email about going over grades with the cadets. It is nice to have another voice in the importance of making sure that my student is staying focused on keeping up her school work and the importance in keeping her grades in check! I appreciate it.” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

(NJROTC is the) “Best investment in our nation’s future I can think of. I wish I could just send my taxes straight to the program." Donor to the LHS NJROTC Program

“I wanted to say thank you to (all the NJROTC Cadets) who supported our Veteran's Day chapel this morning. It was an outstanding group of young men and women who provided such a vital piece to our assembly. We are very appreciative. Thank you!” Renton Christian School

“Thank YOU for all the great opportunities and leadership you provide.” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

Regarding Basic Leadership Training (BLT) – “Thank you so much for providing this wonderful opportunity. (Our son) had a blast.” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to both of you! I have had several kids over the past couple of weeks come in and talk with me about the fabulous things happening in ROTC! I love that the older students are nurturing and helping to guide the younger students in regard to grades, classes, and overall good mental health! It is wonderful to see the leadership skills that these kids are developing and just as wonderful to see how the younger kids are responding to the extra care and concern! Thank you for all that you are doing to foster such a warm, comfortable and honest space for these kids!! It is greatly appreciated!”

Liberty High School Counselor

“Thank you so much for nominating (my daughter) and giving her the opportunity to be recognized at Rotary. I sincerely appreciate your positive influence and am so proud of how far she has come. Thank you!” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

“I saw the pictures from the review that (were) posted and I wanted to congratulate you all on a great job! I have a number of students that participate in ROTC and it shows. Mostly I notice they understand the word respect. When or if, they do step out of line and I talk to them about it, that it when I see this. They listen and respond respectfully to criticism, not something you see a lot in this age group! Thanks for all your work.” Liberty High School Teacher

“(Our Daughter) told me you are getting a dance instructor in to teach the kids ballroom dance. You and Matt are my new heroes! You guys are really rocking this class! I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear you are doing this! *Jumping up and down clapping and screaming with joy.” Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

"Really enjoyed spending time with your cadets. Well behaved and polite. Just can't say enough about them. It gives me hope for the future of our country with young men and woman like this in it." Local Renton, WA. Business Owner

"... thank you so much for all your great work with our cadets this year... you have handled (this year) like a pro and managed to make such a significant impact on the lives of the kids at the same time... (Our son) in particular, has greatly appreciated all your guidance and practical input as he looks ahead to a career with the Navy. No doubt, you have been a significant contributor to that decision." Parent of an NJROTC Cadet

"I just wanted to say thank you for all NJROTC does for the school. Even cleaning up our grounds with over 300 pounds of garbage! I’m sure the cadets had fun being together doing it, but I know it can be a thankless job so I wanted to make sure you and they know it’s appreciated." Liberty High School Counselor

"The things he was learning (in the NJROTC program) were more than merely academics. He was learning about character, and commitment. What it means to not give up and to press into things when they appear to difficult... NJROTC was building him as an individual, and NJROTC was building all the cadets as a team... NJROTC truly is about preparing cadets as individuals and equipping them with the necessary life skills....Our son now believed in himself. He realized grades are important, but character is for life... There is so much more that can be said but we just want to finish this letter with a thank you. Through all that (our son) has endured and who he has become in this short time speaks volumes of what this NJROTC program did for him. We are proud of him as parents, and thankful for who he has become as a young man. With so much negative influence in society today, it is a blessing to have a program with such positive influence. Thank you Captain Deehr, Chief Spears and NJROTC." Parents of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

"Thank you both for a great evening last night. (Our daughter) is very proud and appreciative to have received as many awards as she did. I know she has worked hard, but she is also very fortunate to have found both of you and the NJROTC program." Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

"JROTC was so great for (our daughter). She found her tribe and gained a lot of confidence. She always talked about how much Captain and Chief helped her in a life coach kind of way so thank you so much! It's easy to see how much you care about the kids and that it's more than just a job for you both." Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet

"My daughter has had wonderful experiences under your leadership and I would like to first, commend you for delivering an excellent program and two, offer to participate in some way." Parent of a LHS NJROTC Cadet