Parent Testimonies

STEPHEN G. MOORE, Father of a Freshman Cadet

I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that NJROTC is a program that instills qualities of excellence in students at the teen age level.  NJROTC is an environment where responsibility, accountability and self respect are fostered as requirements for participation.  Students are taught to address those in positions of authority with respect and to treat each other honorably and with a great sense of camaraderie.  It is a class which emphasizes the importance of a young person being able to speak forthrightly, with chin up and eyes focused on the person they are speaking to.

The course work itself covers a variety of subjects from Naval and Military Science and the functioning of the JROTC Unit itself as a prelude to the Annual Inspection.  Classes are often led by upper classmen in order to affirm leadership and discipline in the Unit.  There are also many extracurricular activities encouraged, and each of these give the students an opportunity for advancement and individual growth.

In the past 6 months I have seen my freshman become whole heartedly committed to the program!  It is an awesome thing to see confidence and trust building in students of the NJROTC.  I encourage any young person who is curious but uncertain, to take a risk for a personal endeavor of great worth and value in the Issaquah School District.


…..The Navy Junior ROTC program offers a vibrant community of students who strive for excellence and support each other through a model of student-lead and instructor-guided education on citizenship and leadership in and for our community.  The opportunities and expectations of the program have impacted our kids in ways we could not have imagined.  They both have succeeded in participating and leading many different aspects of the program.  We have this exceptional program to thank, along with the commitment of all the instructors that supported them, including Chief Torstenson and Commander Joslin.

In the beginning, our biggest concern was that our daughter would be joining the military after high school by participating in this program.  What we found is that it could not be further from the actual results.  We noticed that almost all of the students, upon graduation; have solidified plans to attend a college, university or technical college.  Some students have chosen to join the military and others have received full ROTC scholarships to various universities.

Both our children have been able to grow exponentially through this program each year.  They have learned many leadership qualities, in school and through various leadership opportunities outside the classroom.  These experiences have provided them with tools they will be able to carry through the rest of their lives.  Each year they have been given increasing amounts of responsibility.  They have succeeded and failed through the years, but both Chief and Commander have been there to support them through the processes to help them make positive decisions and to learn from their mistakes.

……Now that Cassie is heading off to college, we are most impressed with how capable and mature she has become.  We are so proud of all her accomplishments and know she is steps ahead of most entry level college students.  There are many paths to success and happiness in life; we hope you will consider recommending your student investigate all of their options, including the NJROTC program at Liberty High School.