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Wednesdays Are Uniform Days!

posted Sep 29, 2016, 5:34 AM by CAPT Deehr   [ updated Sep 29, 2016, 5:38 AM ]

Uniforms will be worn on Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted in the Plan of the Week.  There will be a formal uniform and military knowledge inspection for all Cadets who have NJROTC class on Wednesday.  All other Cadets are required to wear the uniform and are subject informal inspection at any time.  Cadets are graded on inspection day to the standards in the Cadet Field Manual.  Because uniform inspection is a significant part of the Naval Science grade, failure to wear the uniform or missing inspections will have a negative effect on your grade.  Repeated failure to wear the uniform, misuse of the uniform or other lack or adherence to the rules will result in a detention or other disciplinary actions.

Inspections will be conducted in accordance with the Cadet Field Manual and Area 13 instructions.  All upperclassmen are expected to come to class fully prepared for inspection and ready to assist underclassmen fix minor things such as scuffs on shoes, gig lines, Irish pennants, etc.  Cadets are expected to help each other meet or exceed the standards.  All cadets must stand inspection, including those not in uniform.  Cadets not in uniform will stand in a separate formation and are responsible for meeting grooming standards and for assigned knowledge.

Uniform inspection grading will be based on meeting grooming standards, proper wearing of the uniform, bearing, and knowledge.  A cadet caught out of uniform without permission will receive a grade of 0 and will have to make it up as a failure to wear the uniform on a uniform day.  An unexcused failure to wear the uniform on uniform day will result in a loss of 20 percent on the makeup inspection if the uniform is worn and the cadets inspected the next school day.  A loss of 10 points will occur for each additional day the uniform is not worn.  Excused absences can be made up in advance or the next school day the cadet is present.  To makeup an inspection, the cadet must present themselves to an instructor in uniform for inspection to receive a makeup grade preferably in the morning before the start of the school day.  Failure to makeup the inspection the next day present will result in a loss of 10 points for each day the makeup does not occur.